Jul 6, 2022

A Warrior’s Spirit

“Since he himself has gone through suffering and testing, he is able to help us when we are being tested.” Hebrews 2:16 (NLT)

When God wanted to save humanity by defeating the enemy, I believe that the sovereign God could have defeated the enemy by being in heaven. Satan and his army of fallen angels were created by Him and the rest of the angels that are with God are able to defeat these fallen angels and save the world, yet, the almighty God did not choose that way as his plans were different. God sent His beloved son Jesus Christ to save mankind. So, the question is how did Jesus overcome this fallen angel and his traps thereof?

Jesus, just like human, came to the earth. From the time he was conceived, enemy tried to kill him. His birth was a wonder, and there were many promises over his life, and He was the manifestation of the invisible God. Yet, He was tested just like us in every area of His life. He worked as a Carpenter for over 30 years, without any objection but was still rooted in his identity and waited patiently for the fulfilment of promises of God. If you feel that you are going through tough times, remember that Jesus walked ahead of you on the same path with the wisdom of God, to set a role model for us today! Jesus went through all of this to help us to imitate his lifestyle when we are being tempted. And I believe our trials will surely encourage someone out there to strategise their battles with spiritual intelligence as well. Let’s keep in mind, even though Jesus went through trials and temptations, He remained faithful to the Father.

Jesus shamed the devil by being faithful to God in every way. Jesus brought an end to sickness, mind attacks, depression, lack, and everything including the ultimate death…. so, the question is why are we still struggling in our lives? When we are washed by the blood of Jesus Christ, we receive the power and strength of Jesus, so that we can win over the enemy, who has been already defeated by our Lord. When we walk with this understanding, His name will be glorified, and our name will become great. You may think Jesus could overcome everything, because He is God and you are not the same. But, the scriptures says, “you are God (John 10:34-36).” Do remember! Jesus fought all the battles and was victorious in the body of a human on this earth, and not the glorified Jesus.

The way we want to see victory is different from the way God gives. When my father Prophet Shyju Mathew shared about the Israelites, it bothered me a lot, as it says ‘God killed the entire generation that he redeemed from the bondage of Egypt, because of their unwillingness to fight.’ People of God, we the Gideons of this generation, are here to chase and behead every Midianite that is trying to occupy our territory. Yes, we can bring down every giant in the land because we have the Spirit of God within us. All it required for Israel to defeat the Goliath was someone who believed, they can defeat the giant through their God.

I was amazed when I understood that, if the fallen angel is trying to manipulate Lord’s creation to rebel against Him. God is using the same creation you and me to bring an end to the kingdom of darkness.

Child of God, we are warriors of God, and dominion is given to us. If the man is advancing himself to fight against another man. We, the Spirit beings need to advance more and more in bringing down the evil spirits that occupies the territory that originally belongs to us.

Child of God, you are a mighty hero; the Lord is with you.




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