Jun 17, 2021

Guard Your Identity

Have you ever gone from reading the Bible for six hours straight in a day to not lasting even for six seconds? From constant talking to the Lord like He is your best friend to not seeking His face at all? From tasting His sweet presence to desolation?

Well, I Did.

I let disappointments doubts and guilt plague my faith to where it destroyed my walk with God.

I began to doubt my identity by questioning God ‘why?’.

Why did you choose me?
Why these particular flaws?
Why can’t I be like that person who is always constant in your walk or why can’t be like my leaders?

These thoughts diluted my faith and confidence in my walk with God making it convenient for the enemy to pull me down.

We all race to this life of perfection to make us look unspotted in the eyes of our Father and when we fail, we become a disappointment to ourselves. We judge ourselves to be a mistake and it brings in worriness about our belongingness in Him.

This season, the Lord has been teaching me how to love myself not because of who I am or what I have achieved but because I am His very own beloved.

Our identities are not our flaws or mistakes. Our identity is what God calls us to be.

God’s incomprehensive love has set us apart and intentionally hand-picked us for a greater purpose that is limited by our flaws.

We are loved in ways we cannot understand.

Let these words rekindle our thoughts to remind us that we are His Royal Priesthood & His crafted masterpiece.

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