Jun 29, 2022

He is My Everything, He is My all

When I was pondering on what our Lord is speaking to me this season to write this blog, nothing specific came to mind. I was at a loss for words. God told me to write what He put in my heart, for you. I was speechless as they would say, this is because, He always speaks to me!
At all times, many things, constantly.
Like the perfect Father. Like a true, constant friend.
Closer than a brother. My honest most trusted confidante.
My go-to everything.
He speaks a different word at different times of the day. He speaks to me depending on the way He sees me at that point of my need, my need for correction, my need for counsel, my need for clarity or my need for care. He speaks to me in my kitchen, my everyday chores or regular stuff. Yes, He is a very real, tangible presence in my everyday. I have a special kitchen secret that I would like to share, He tells me what to cook, the recipe, reminds me on what is in my pantry! He even tells me how to schedule my chaotic day. I lean on Him for everything.

I hear Him speaking to me in my garden. He taught me how to garden, prune, weed and how to give a dying plant a second chance, from the parables He taught His disciples, whom He loved so much. I can almost see Him, back in the day, walking, talking, teaching them everything, as they went along. He was their everything. As Peter confessed, “Where else will we go Lord? Only you have the words of eternal life.” I crave and keep asking Him to be there in the present, constantly, everywhere, always, just like He was with them.

I am privileged to hear His voice everywhere!!

As I struggle with day-to-day activities, He is my strength. His spirit helps me in my weakness. His all-sufficient grace, is all I need, for it is made perfect in my weakness. My balm of Gilead. He works constantly, quietly, in the fabric of the tapestry of my life, weaving and mending. The master Potter, constantly shaping me.

Yes, this my first blog post, seemingly vague but oh so clear.

That is my Lord, my Jesus, my everything, my all…
and He tells me, “one day at a time, one precious moment at a time, like this, with Him by my side, is all I need for this season.”



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