Oct 5, 2022

Love Has Me

How do you love completely without knowing the complete love? Not a form, but the full expression of it. It’s Him and only in Him will we know what is true love.

Every other form of love is just an aspect but never complete. Once you know, and I mean truly, completely know this love (ironically, you never really will because it has no end), no other will be able to fill or replace or make sense in its totality, as it is incomparable. He IS the lover as well as the love (the expression). When we begin to unfold this love to understand it better, it’ll ruin you, it has to. There is no other way to look at it, because it cannot be described or defined or even broken down to be taken on part by part to make sense to our finite human minds.

To try and understand it, you have to experience it, feel it, and be moved by it. It has to unravel you. You have to come undone, to be willing to be broken to know why it messes you up so deeply, to only find out at a later stage, that it is capable to fill in the deepest, darkest, ugliest part of you to make you whole. Fragments of yourself, which were lost and forgotten, now come together to form a new you. And, He’s willing to fill you over and over again till a point where you realise that there’s no end to this, as long as you are willing to open up areas you didn’t even realise you harnessed inside of you.

Love can’t be so pure, simple, healing yet so radical, because that’s not how we’ve learnt for it to be. The world has got it wrong, they taught us wrong. Never the less it IS all of that and more. It defines you, it makes you realise the source of your existence. You ache to only know that without it you’re nothing. Zilch! And so your desperation drives you to want more, to realise that we CAN actually have all of it, because He willingly, unselfishly, designed for us to want to have it all. That’s what makes it perfect, gives us meaning, gives us a reason to want to live another moment, another day. It’s what makes everything around us more alive, sensible and meaningful. It’s my joy and my privilege for Him to have chosen me and it can be the same for you.

You ask who and what is this I’m ranting about? It’s no one else but my Jesus. He and His daddy, who in turn are mine. They make my soul, my body, my spirit and I crave for more of them as they have ravished me completely (and I’ll willingly do it all over again). This is my portion, my inheritance, my promise on which I stand firm and build. Now this is where I wanna be, now and forever. So with nothing to lose or even having to lose it all, as it can cost you your everything, I’m choosing to dive in….. deeper, much deeper.



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The Mind

The Mind

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