Aug 18, 2022


“I remembered the old days, went over all you’ve done, pondered the ways you’ve worked.”
Psalms 143:6 MSG

Isn’t it true that we are so easily caught up with the hustle and bustle of our lives?

Isn’t it true that our minds can swiftly slip away on what’s missing in our lives or what’s going wrong, that we tend to forget what God has already placed in our hands?

Could it be that we are so caught up in that pattern of what’s missing, that we don’t take the time to glance at all the breakthroughs God has graciously given us?

David here sparks an idea of how to go about our minds when we are waiting or when we find ourselves in the valley.

He says he went over all that God has done and He pondered on the ways God came through for him.

To ponder means to study, to review, to celebrate!

If you are laying on your bed and reading this or you’ve just started your day and stopped by this post, I encourage you to just sit down at a quiet place, close your eyes and ponder on how God has been good to you.

Ponder on how much He loves you.
Ponder on how He healed you.
Ponder on how He comforted you.
Ponder on how He saved you.

To testify, I recently started to do this and I felt a sense of joy spring up in my soul.

I pray you will too!

You are loved sweet friend!

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