Oct 13, 2021

To Manifest the Glory

As a family we’d been going through a season of hardship and mental agony, to the point that our story had become a topic of gossip to many people around. We reached a place of questioning God as to why it was happening only to us. I even felt anybody’s life was easier but not mine.

Though we ended up in discouragement, we are so thankful for the stream that we are planted by. There is no deep root or dryness this stream cannot water. We know from where this stream is coming. This stream filled us with joy and carried us into the Presence of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ like never before.

As I was seeking the Lord, He spoke with me about two individuals in the Bible – the sons of Isaac. Bible tells us that the Esau was skilful and a man of the field, while Jacob, the younger was a quiet man, dwelling in tents.

Isaac loved Esau because he enjoyed the benefit of his skill but Rebekah loved Jacob.

Yes, most of the people around us will love only if there is something of worth they find in us. There was a reason why Isaac loved Esau but there was no selfishness in why Jacob was loved by Rebekah.

This man Jacob who knew the value of blessings, contented for it, and finally received the blessings of Abraham. This blessed Jacob, after inheriting the blessing that should have ideally set him up for a lifetime of goodness, in order to marry the one he loved, underwent 14 years harsh labour. Even though he married his uncle’s daughter out of obedience to his parents, it came at the cost of working through the scorching heat of day and through cold and sleepless nights. He owned nothing for himself until he left his uncle’s house. Even then, he was chased after like a criminal. He fled from one place to another, not having had a place to settle.

In stark contrast, however, we see his brother Esau, who grew in wealth livestock and family. Such was his army that just to meet his brother he came with 400 men. I assume he probably had more men guarding their land and possessions. This man was leading a happy and successful life, having married heathens, while till then, Jacob’s life was marred with pain and sorrow.

If we fast-forward this story, Esau descendants, the Edomites settled in the hill country. Jacob’s descendants, the Israelites, spent long years as slaves to Egyptians, wandering the wilderness.

It makes no sense till this point as to why there is a difference in the lives of the two brothers.

Well, only till then.

The real reason the Israelites went through such a hardship was because they were chosen to manifest the glory of God! People around may have ridiculed them, yet they had access to His Presence and to His Voice. They were fed heavenly bread, they crossed seas on foot, they witnessed miracles, and they conquered nations and fought enemies. This one time, Israelites fought against king Og of Bashan whose bed was more than 13 feet long and 6 feet wide! No matter how strong the enemy looked, the Israelites killed them all, not a single person survived.

My dear reader if you are feeling – “why it is happening only to me, why is this humiliation, why am I going through this hardship even though I believe in God, why even though I had a promise”, child of God, you and I are here to manifest the glory of God and the nations are going to testify it. At present, it may seem difficult but the God who knows the end from the beginning is with us. He is our strength. He is the man of war. Whatever He promises will surely come to pass.

Do not despair for we know who our God is. Surely we will enter the bountiful promised land and we are destined to make history. Greater the battle, greater the glory. Keep your trust and hope on Him and stay rooted.

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