Jun 9, 2021

True Riches Don’t Glitter!

Honestly, this isn’t going to span out as yet another insight into prosperity or a quick fix to tapping into financial breakthroughs, but this is something I pray that will cause you to ponder, if not do a detailed health check-up of the condition and posture of the heart.

As I’ve heard our Prophet Shyju Mathew say so many times that after the cute songs are sung, cute prayers have been prayed, the cute gestures have been made it’s time to become shameless; Forgetting about what is going to be spoken or thought about you. So, this is me being shameless!

I realized in a year’s time, that one can have all the possible popularity and still have an inferiority complex, have dined in the finest of restaurants and yet leave the place hungry, have all the money, name, fame, and every materialistic possession, yet be completely broke.

It’s a scary thought to think that amongst all the billions of people out there, there’s something that can eliminate this population to a bare couple of 1,00,000s and no it’s not covid but something more dreadful! And that’s going to be our God coming back as a judge where He separates the wheat from the chaff (Matthew 3:12) a scarier thought is to think he’s already begun the process. For while in this season where we’re surrounded by devastating news and pain, yet remain unmoved; in a state of apathy only serves as a reality check to has the poverty set in? And have we become a little too comfortable in this lifestyle.

How’s this possible? Well, our bank balance could state that we have quite a bit but we could be so poor in our giving, we could be the best dressed in the room and be wearing rags (For our righteousness is as filthy rags Isaiah 64:6) in the sight of God, so eloquent in speech yet poverty-stricken prayer life, so many accolades to our name and more degrees than a thermometer (Prophet Shyju’s quote) but be completely illiterate in the things of the Kingdom, so lean in our muscles and yet dry bones in our spirits. But the beauty about our God is that as long as there is breath in us there’s also hope for turning rags to riches.

It took me being born into a family of saved parents, tongues-speaking, church-going (at least thrice a week), fasting and praying, many conventions (open-air meetings), special speakers from across the globe, growing up sitting on my pastor’s lap, watching him pray for people with demons, healing signs and miracles being a regular occurrence, to only realize I was truly so poor.

For to be truly wealthy to me is now someone with puffed eyes (from crying before the Lord), someone who can remain in a state of being affixed on the Lord irrespective of what is going on around them, someone who can completely drown deep into the beauty of His holiness without tiring, someone who sees another’s lack and gives them the little they have even when there’s no camera or social media post that’s going to accompany the act, someone who says Lord do not look upon me for you are too holy and I am unclean, someone who works behind the scenes and gets satisfaction from the recipient’s joy, someone waiting to show compassion knowing very well that the receiver cannot reciprocate the gesture.

My pursuit is to accumulate as much of this wealth that I can. I want to be rich, what would you choose?

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