Oct 24, 2021

Trust-Relationship Error

Have you ever come across this? But this error truly does exist, The Trust-Relationship Error!

When you’ve lived on God’s green earth for a long time and understand technology, this error occurs on a Windows operating system. Especially, on workstations that are connected to a corporate network.

Here’s how the error statement goes:

The trust relationship between workstations and the primary domain failed.

That was so many complicated words in a sentence. Let’s simplify this, here is why the error takes place:

As simple as the Password Mismatch

Every computer has a password assigned for an account/profile that is created. Every account has an Active Directory (AD) which keeps all the data or information required as it gets created. A copy of the computer’s account/profile password that is stored within this server gets out of sync with the password copy that is stored on the domain controller, then it breaks the trust relationship thereby giving such an error.

To know how this can be fixed or resolved, here are a few things that need to be considered:

i. Are you connected to the network (WiFi) you’re supposed to?
ii. If not, get yourself a LAN (Ethernet/wired) cable.
iii. Go ahead and get the password reset on the directory.

Well, now that you know and are educated about this error and know how it can be fixed, here is something I would like to compare it with. Wondering what this comparison could be? Our lives! Yes, I mean real lives!

Have you had instances where a lot of relationships through life have been broken, hurt or cut-off due to a ‘TRUST’ factor? Well, I understand it must have been difficult.

Ever wondered if you could carry a directory about each person you know or got to meet, just to build a relationship or even develop a connection with?

Often this access gets denied because of a mismatch between the password entered and the password stored in the Active Directory.

The process of syncing at a time like this may be difficult yes. And, this is because, at this point, a relationship/bond which has suffered a broken trust be it for anything hurts hearts, feels pain and builds grudges or walls even. It may be hard for a relationship to restore to its previous quality once again. It’s a real feeling. You result in a place in your heart that isn’t planned or thought of initially.

Ever wondered about a relationship that can help you set all other relations in place?

Proverbs 18:24(b) – But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

You may say, after being in a place of losing a lot of relationships you’d really like for me to try again? Well yes, why not? I know it’s difficult, you may deal with a lot of trust issues. But, why don’t you try Jesus!

Reconciliation has to do with the relationships between God and man or man and man. God reconciles the world to himself. Reconciliation takes place through the cross of Christ or the death of Christ. In 2 Corinthians 5:18, it says, “All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation”

Probably, your connection vertically which is with God is broken because of your connection horizontally that you’ve had with people.

Here is a dictionary definition, for reconciling – restore friendly relations between, settle.

Honestly, people will leave you in a place of error; but Jesus does not. Maybe you feel it is too late and our connection, the passwords mismatch. But, every time you run to Him isn’t like the rest! He does not maintain a static Directory. He is someone who has walked into this time before you have, knows you better than you and he maintains an Active, Dynamic Directory.

Therefore, we approach the throne boldly. Refer Hebrews 4:16

Once this upward relationship is fixed, you’d start noticing that your Directory isn’t really stagnant but is ‘Active’ – meaning it is in a process of update/ sync thereby allowing forgiveness, working out relationships and avoiding mismatch and moreover your intra and interpersonal relations start functioning as they have been designed to be – in love!

May you find the grace to move from a place of trust-relationship errors to trust relationship developers!

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