Aug 12, 2021


Waking up to a new morning each day gives me a sense of peace I cannot explain at all. As I lay still, eyes wide open, feeling fresh and grateful more than anything else; I kept hearing the word “Upgrade”.

Despite the turmoil and chaos outside my four walls, I feel a calmness in the silence. I am an individual who stays alone in a small apartment I call home, it has become my favourite space not that I don’t have my low’s, I most certainly do especially the silence when it gets deafening or the loneliness becoming the biggest reminder that the enemy would do anything to steal, kill and destroy.

As a counselling psychologist who caters to teens and adults, this time has been one of the hardest and challenging times especially with regards to taking therapy sessions on a daily basis and asking God for the grace to be able to empathise with those who are really struggling and/or dealing with loss particularly when I have been quiet neutral and inclined to almost feeling nothing when needing to respond to death and loss in this season of my life.

Well the truth is there is nothing one can say to console death and loss. Most of you would maybe feel the way I do or can relate to me when I say that I don’t really know what to respond when I hear of death or loss or destruction or even violence.

For so long now we have been hearing all sorts of news going on around us and some of us have now made peace with the fact that all we can do is pray in faith and let God do only what He can do. I am one among them. However the best feeling then is when I am still able to express my love, care, concern and prayer for my clients and to my loved ones, to make them feel safe and warm and hopeful that everything will turn out as it should and that gives me a sense of renewed hope and faith.

Personally in this season, I have been sponging on the word “Upgrade” ever since I received it. It is almost strange how I feel when I think of the word as it immediately makes me realise that nothing can stop our God from doing His wonders and miracles even when it does not seem possible or too evident. His presence makes all of it evident in my life.

When I received this word I had a revelation of “levelling up” in every aspect be it my relationship/family, finances, career, personal development, walk with God, faith, patience, perseverance, strength and endurance etc. It’s been an incredible journey with my heavenly Father so far and He never ceases to surprise me at every turn.

I started my own practice as a counselling psychologist a little over a year ago and I can boldly say that I have seen God’s hand in everything I pursued until today. Though it has not been too easy, He has always been faithful to see me through. I definitely see my life now as an upgrade from how it used to be and who I used to be as a person and each day has been a testimony so far.

For those of you who are reading this, and you feel alone and helpless or feel disconnected or feel any kind of distress just remember that His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. He is a God whose plans are far greater and beyond our dreams. So much that He promises what “no eyes have seen, no ear has heard and no mind can fully comprehend” and that is what we ought to hold onto.

Living each of these days in the most precious way is our responsibility for I feel so blessed to open my eyes to a new day today more than ever before. When death is so prominent and now so common, is what makes “life” more precious, more valued and more grateful for. I encourage you to Stop. Pause. And notice the little things that is all around you, the magic that exists and the beauty that exists in life. Let us be so wholly thankful and grateful for His love, protection and His embrace.

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