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Join us at 11am every Sunday

Let us together pray and work together to see Jesus lifted high in Bangalore!

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Church Services


Sunday Celebration Service


(Pre-service Prayer at 10am)

Saturday Night Service


(At Church Hall)

Friday Service


(2 hours of Intercession, Worship and Word)

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Latest Sermons

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What’s Your Secret Place?

Here’s Pastor Robin sharing on our celebration service on how to build our secret place to have encounters with God. Listen and share.

Enter & Possess the Land (Part 2)

Here’s Pastor Priji teaching the Pastors and Leaders at our Annual Revival Dreamers conference from the book of Joshua! We pray that God will speak to you and minister to you from this message.

Creating a Personal History with God

Here’s guest minister Pastor Robin Williams from Face to Face Foundation, teaching us from word of God on the topic of how to create a personal history with God. Do listen and share to bless someone.

Dealing with Depression

Here’s Pastor Jojo sharing on the topic of depression, on how to deal with depression and how can we overcome it. Do listen and share to bless someone.

There’s No Place I Would Rather Be

We’ve all been in that place where we sometimes tend to wander away from the house of Jesus or from coming to him on our daily basis. We go about our daily routine thinking its ‘OK’ to leave Our Saviour out of our boats. But then one day after the other we feel we’re empty. Here’s what we can lean on to.

Pride’s Death & Prophetic Calling

Do listen to the word Pastor Onyekachi shared during our celebration service on the signs of pride and how the death of spiritual pride will usher us into our prophetic calling.

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