Sep 16, 2020

Should We Be Afraid of Financial Crisis Ahead?

The times are unprecedented and unstable and the lockdown continues and there is a constant fear of instability and uncertainty. The fear of losing everything has crippled our hearts as the plague and famine hits our country and somewhere we have let that fear creep into our hearts, and as the market and finances all around the world go down, beloved of God, I would like to take a moment to encourage you to be still and be strong.

I believe in this particular moment God wants to have a word with business owners, corporate people and breadwinners of the families, who are living in constant fear and panic of the effects of this pandemic on the financial market.

Are you worried saying, “from where will my next salary come from? My needs? Will things be okay?” As this famine on the financial market takes place, be strong and do not be shaken!

WHY? Because God is the Great Economist! YES, you may have known Him as your Father, Lover, Friend, Healer but do you know He is a Great Economist too!

1. Jesus’s Supply Exceeds Our Demands.
You see that God has the pattern of providing, even when Jesus was on the earth when He performed miracles He uses the same pattern to provide. In His miracle of feeding multitudes (5000) in Matthew 14:13-21, He used 5 loaves and 2 fishes. Where the demand was more than 5000, the leftovers were 12 baskets. There is another miracle of feeding 4000 in Matthew 15:32-39, Bread used were 7 and few fishes leftovers were 7 baskets.

Jesus supplies more in the first miracle with less bread and fish and the leftovers were 12 big full baskets, and in the other miracle even though there are 7 loaves of bread, the leftovers were only 7 baskets.

This shows that the lesser the commodity and products the more leftovers and abundance. If you do the math, it should be the opposite. Jesus should have fed more people and the leftovers should have been more in the miracle of 4000, but instead, the abundance was seen in the miracle where the source was lesser as compared to the other miracle. The same goes with the miracle that Elijah performed for the widow in 1 Kings 17:13-14, it shows us how God supplied the widow’s needs when the product/commodity was quite less in number and quantity.

God’s supply is way more than our demand, we can see beloved, even in this time of financial famine God will meet you with His supply according to the riches of His Glory.

2. His Glory Is Revealed In Your Lack

Our God is excellent in providing and meeting our needs. He has always been so faithful to us!

Time and time again, we see it in the bible too, how He has faithfully provided His loved ones! In John 2: 1-12, we see how there was a lack at the wedding at Cana and how Jesus miraculously supplied wine for that wedding, He supplied the best wine!

Do you see, people of God, that Jesus’s first miracle was in the area of lack! Jesus dealt with lack, shortage and insufficiency. John 2:11 says this was the first time Jesus revealed His glory. It was the first time ever Jesus performed a miracle. It was the first miracle of His ministry. Beloved, your lack, shortcomings are an opportunity for you to see God reveal His glory. It is an opportunity for you to see God’s mighty hand work wonders for you.

I want to encourage you, that have faith in God. Hasn’t He been faithful to you all this time? Haven’t He been providing and taking care for you as the apple of His eyes?

He has been faithfully and consistently taking care of the birds of the air, be assured that your Father in heaven will excellently take care of you!

3. Thriving in the Famine.

We all know the story of Joesph, some were I co-relate our current time to the same situation that Joseph faced. Where there is financial instability all around the world, where the situations are dark and depressing.

Egypt and Canan, during the days of Joesph, faced the same situations. There was a lack and crunch in the economy (Genesis 47-15) and there was Joesph thriving, growing & shining in the midst of the famine and getting richer in the middle of financial rescission. Beloved, I believe this is God’s heart for us, the church, to be and shine like Joesph.

As we know there was a great famine in the nation for 7 long years, and there was economic instability all around but God gave creative ideas to Joseph not just to survive but to flourish. Joesph in the midst of chaos built his wealth. God gave him the creative ability to acquire assets, create employments, and buy lands. There comes a time where God gives Joesph the grace and strategy to buy all the land of Egypt. (Genesis 47:20)

From Joesph’s story, I want to encourage you, Church, that you will shine brighter in every way. Yes, even financially in the midst of the economic crunch all around the world. I pray that God will give you the strategy to acquire assets. May God give you the ability and position you to buy lands, and give you the creative ability to start a new business and employ people. I pray that may God give you the grace to thrive in your business and finances even when the situation in the world doesn’t look exciting. This is God’s heart for His church.

4. You Are Not of the World!

You would ask me, ‘how is this possible?’

“How will I not be affected by this financial recession?”

The answer is, you are not of this world. You are IN the world but you are not OF it.

In 2 Corinthians 5:20, we are called Christ’s Ambassadors. The word ‘ambassador’ means an authorised permanent representative of a particular country sends in a foreign country. That means we are living in a foreign place (world) which is not our home, the world for us is a temporary place and not our permanent home.

Our permanent home is heaven, living with Jesus. We are a permanent citizen of heaven and temporarily living in this world. We represent Jesus and His kingdom in this world, so the rules of this world do not apply to us. Hence we will not be affected or shaken by the things of this world.

The recession, sickness and death are not our portions. It might come as a surprise to the world, it might break the people of this world, but because we are seated with Christ in heavenly places it cannot permanently affect us.

Abundance health and eternal life is our portion. We do not function in this world’s economy but in God’s economy and our God never goes bankrupt!

So dear people of God I want to conclude by saying, Be Brave and be Strong and Courageous. And be rest assured that our God is sovereign over all the situations. Expect God to do miracles on your behalf. God Bless You All.

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