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Apr 27, 2019 | BRC Blog

The Power of Getting Crushed


At our church (Bangalore Revival Center) we have Overflow Service where we gather together to pray. One of the evenings as I was praying I saw pebbles in a vision. I did not understand why did I see that and I was thinking and seeking of what it meant. The Bible says “Seek and you shall find”, and to my amazement within seconds God explained to me something very beautiful. Yes in seconds! The funny thing about God is since He is beyond time He shows and makes us understand things in seconds and our tiny brain can understand it so well that too in seconds, but when it comes to writing that down, it takes a whole page or two to explain. Strange, eh?

So here’s is what God spoke o me:

Coming to the story of the famous fight between David and Goliath. Here’s the scene of the fight from 1 Samuel 17.

The Bible says David collected 5 smooth stones from the brook and along with his sling, he hit Goliath using one of the stones and at that very instance Goliath died!

Smooth stones are nothing but the pebbles

So what are pebbles? 

Pebbles are the smooth stones that are found near the streams or beaches.

How are they formed?

Pebbles are formed from the rocks. Over a period of time, the mighty rocks get worn away by constant hitting of the wind and water. This process is called abrasion. And by this repeated process, pebbles are formed. This process doesn’t happen immediately but it takes a long period of time. I am sure this must be a ‘stressful process’ for the rocks, but even as they allow their rough edges to be broken and rubbed by the constant flow of water and wind, the result turns out to be something beautiful!

Don’t you think that God is trying to say something here?

You might be going through a tough time right now. People around you, your friends, family might be hurting you and everywhere and anywhere you go you find rejection in your job, relationships etc. You might have been tossed and thrown. But dont stress. This is just a season for you, a season where God is building you, smoothening your rough edges and making you strong and sharp enough to kill your giants in your life! It was just the pebble (not sword, or any weapon) that killed the 9 feet giant!

It’s in these times, when God seems silent, try to trust in Him and you will see how you will fall in love with Him. He will pull you back so much so when he releases you, you go forward in full force.

So don’t give up, God is just preparing you to kill your giants!

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