Mar 4, 2021

Where Does Your Help Come From?

We all go through so many seasons in our lives. There are the highs and the lows, the good and the bad, the moments of utter belief and serious doubts, the experiences of being in the throne room and the “indefinite” time in the wilderness. We’ve seen so many seasons and have felt them even more. We’ve learnt. We’ve grown. We’ve battled. We’ve overcome. But in these seasons and all those walks of life, where have we looked? What have we been focusing on? Are we satisfied with those feel-good moments of victories and triumph or are we craving for something deeper? In short, Where does your help come from?

At some point of time or the other we have all failed when it comes to seeking guidance or help from the right source and we have looked for it elsewhere. No, I’m not talking about leading a sinful or a Godless life where we’ve looked for help in the darkness, although that stands true for most of us as we have emerged out of those places and we do hold testaments of the same of how we now live a transformed life, but I’m referring to US here. The so-called living and practicing Christians. The believing ones, the Sunday-to-Sunday church going loving Christians that we are. We have all had the faith to believe in what God has done in our lives and how He has turned our situations around. But when trouble hits, where is our faith sitting? What do we first turn to? The throne or the phone? Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing sinful or bad about running to get help from people. We do need that SOMETIMES, but on the flipside that would also mean that our dependence is on man. They could very much be the people who God Himself has placed in our life, but they still aren’t God, Our Father and they can’t replace Him.

The word of God, every single time, has shown us that we need to rely on God and Him alone. Jesus Himself relied on the Father and the Holy Spirit for help and guidance. If He being the sovereign God He is, did so, how much more should we have to. We are all different in sorts and kinds. We could be the kind who relies on nobody, but ourselves. If we’ve been raised by strong parents or have had such an influence in the past, we’ve become confident and independent where we’ve learnt to tackle with the worries of the world in a strong, focused and organised manner. The very sorted kinds. Or we could be the type who’ve been badgered so bad by the world and its wickedness that we’ve grown so hard, cold and numb that we have become so self-reliant over time that we begin to think our best help is ourself. Having brought up these examples, doesn’t mean that these personalities are the worrisome type. In fact if anything, this only defines how strong these personality types are. Having said that, in trouble times, isn’t God supposed to be our strength and fortress? So again, Where does YOUR help come from?

In the end, no matter if we are self-reliant kinds, people-reliant or even situation runners, what we need to be is a 100% reliant on God, where His voice is the only voice we allow in and over our lives. Not our friends and families, not our emotions or feelings, not our understanding, experiences, intellect or knowledge, but that small, still and gentle voice, which is willing to speak to us whenever we are willing to hear. We may say that we have the faith to depend on the Holy Spirit completely, but does our walk match our talk? How do we know where we stand? Our actions should be crying that out. The evidence of it should speak on our behalf.

Many a times when we turn to our mentors or spiritual parents for help, before they can even begin pouring into us, we already have an inkling of what is going to be said. Not because we are wise but because the Holy Spirit has been nudging the same into our spirits from before, but we’ve chosen to listen to the noise that surrounds us rather than being still and going after that gentle voice that disciplines us, with love of course. Being man, we sometimes think that we have the birth right to know it all. We automatically grant ourselves the license to deny correction, not knowing that most of it is divinely ordained. We know that by drinking from the right stream, we would save ourselves so much of heartache and needless sorrow. However, we do have the choice to turn that around by choosing to listen to our Heavenly Father instead of the chaos we’re surrounded by.

In this season where we are meant to be ROOTED in Him, and as we grow deeper, stronger and greater, may we look for help from above. The only source of life that has life giving waters, which refreshes and fills us every morning. This Lord who knows our end from the beginning, our Jesus. No matter what lies ahead of us, even if we feel alone, let us INTENTIONALLY RELY ON OUR FATHER, our Daddy God. Let us be a church, a generation that is known to be after His ways, even if it doesn’t make sense to us in that moment. By doing that we are saying, “God, first You, then I”. May our search for God intensify where His feet becomes our dwelling place.

“I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come?
My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.
Psalm 121: 1 -2

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