Mar 8, 2021

Women! Thou Art Precious!

By Natasha Miranda

You are beautiful, My bride radiating inner beauty,
more glorious than what meets the eye.
It didn’t come free, it came at a price.
You are strong, you have the strength of an ox carrying heavy loads & burdens
that even catch men by surprise.
Your heart’s a dart board encountering raging emotion, varied opinions & the like, yet your own unheard.
You are a lioness, Your love is wild, rising early, raising a defense, holding the fortress no matter the cost.
You’ve mastered the art of pondering everything in your heart sacrificing plans, dreams, desires for the ones that you love.
You’re a fragrance spreading My aroma all around.
You smile when you are sad & cry when you are happy.
Often unaware of how valuable you are.
You are the apple of my eye. I am so so proud of you.
You are my treasured possession My beloved.
The one I love.

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