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Join us at 11am every Sunday

Let us together pray and work together to see Jesus lifted high in Bangalore!

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Church Services


Sunday Celebration Service


(Pre-service Prayer at 10am)

Saturday Night Service


(At Church Hall)

Friday Service


(2 hours of Intercession, Worship and Word)

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Latest Sermons

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Daughters Take Your Place

Here’s Pastor Cristina Radino Pawar ministering at Radiance 2019 on how the daughters of the King are created strong and made to be the strong pillars.

Giving Without Benefits

Pastor Priji continues to teach from the Radical Giving series. Here’s the next sermon in the series titled – “Giving Without Benefits”.

Giving as Worship

Pastor Priji started a new series called ‘Radical Giving’. Here is the first sermon from this series titled as – “Giving as Worship”.

Take Your Position in Christ

Here’s Natasha ministering from the word during our Saturday night service on how we need to take our position in Christ. Do listen and be blessed.

Treasures in Fragility

Here’s Pastor Priji ministering at the Radiance conference on how to respond in the times of trouble from the book of 2 Corinthians. Do listen and share to bless.

Sufficiency of Grace

Pastor Priji concludes teaching from the series on grace! Here’s the last sermon from the series titled as – “Sufficiency of Grace”.

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