Holy Spirit in the Gospels - By My Spirit Series

by Pastor Priji | Bangalore Revival Center

This is the continuation part in the sermon series “By My Spirit” titled – Holy Spirit in the Gospels which Pastor Priji is sharing on.

Zechariah 4:6
This is what the Lord says to BRC: It is not by Power nor by Might, but by my Spirit!

Knowing and cultivating an intimate relationship with the Holy
Spirit releases His Presence, His Comfort, His Guidance, His
Abilities & His Power in our lives, roles and responsibilities.

We learnt the roles and responsibilities of the Holy Spirit earlier, in this sermon we will see where all did Holy Spirit play these roles in Jesus’s life:

– Jesus’ Birth
– Jesus’ Identification
– Jesus’ GPS
– Jesus’ CEO
– Jesus’ Teaching
– Jesus’ Relationship

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