Revival Dreamers Conference at Bangalore - August 15-17, 2018

Holy Spirit in the Old Testament - By My Spirit Series

by Pastor Priji | Bangalore Revival Center

This is the third part in the sermon series “By My Spirit” which Pastor Priji is sharing on.

Below are few of the quotes from the sermon that you can share online:

Even in the midst of emptiness and darkness, the Holy Spirit is always present. Gen 1:2 #ByMySpiritSeries Click To Tweet If Holy Spirit can create the whole earth out of nothing, how hard it is for Him to do simple things for you. #ByMySpiritSeries Click To Tweet You don’t need a job for God to take care of you! #ByMySpiritSeries Click To Tweet God is a God of creation, He creates things out of nothing! #ByMySpiritSeries Click To Tweet The greatest threat for mankind is not global warming or World War 3, it is when God withdraws His Spirit. Job 34:14-15 Click To Tweet Wherever you are, you cannot escape from the Holy Spirit. Psalm 139:7 #ByMySpiritSeries Click To Tweet Holy Spirit loves to give specific details. #ByMySpiritSeries Click To Tweet If the Holy Spirit is controlling your directions, you will end up before prominent people to speak into their life. Click To Tweet God considers it as sin when we don’t listen to the Holy Spirit. Isa 30:1 #ByMySpiritSeries Click To Tweet Whenever you listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit you end up in excellence. #ByMySpiritSeries Click To Tweet When the Holy Spirit comes upon you, it'll not just be glory ministry, it may take you to the valley of dry bones too. Click To Tweet The leading of the Holy Spirit will never lead you to destruction. #ByMySpiritSeries Click To Tweet
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