Revival Dreamers Conference at Bangalore - August 15-17, 2018

Roles & Functions of the Holy Spirit! - - By My Spirit Series

by Pastor Priji | Bangalore Revival Center

This part of the podcast is the second in series. Pastor Priji explains 15 roles and functions of the Holy Spirit in our life which are as follows:

  1. He is our CEO
  2. He is our Evangelist
  3. He is our Intercessor
  4. He is our Private Tutor
  5. He is our Benefactor
  6. He is our Bank
  7. He is our Guarantor
  8. He is our Watchman
  9. He is our Freedom Fighter
  10. He is our Identity Card
  11. He is our Intelligence Agent
  12. He is our Worship Leader
  13. He is our Counsellor
  14. He is our GPS
  15. He is our Friend

Please do watch/listen to the sermon to understand in a deeper way.

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